Before becoming a landlord, add up the costs

One of life’s luxuries is being able to afford a vacation home.

….“Thankfully I was well within the guidelines for debt-to-income ratio and credit score.” The beach condo is a joint investment with his father, Bob, who has bought and managed rental properties for years. They expect to collect as much as $3,500 per week during peak summer season from vacationers, but before Lebda took out the mortgage from a bank in the Lending Tree network, he also calculated anticipated costs, including maintenance, marketing and insurance premiums…


Especially interesting are the comments section

If its a good time to buy, its a better time to invest.

In this, one of their great articles, the chatter is that her in MI payback to home ownership vs. renting is better than in most

any area of the country.

AKA: You might be a property investor waiting to act, there is a timing hint here ! Yes, the market favors landlords. Why ? Where payback is shorter to own over renting, renting is more profitable vs cost of your investments.

Whats hot, whats not.

There are paid and free areas of statistics on market values and trends.

I recommend this link is profit making tools are important to you: